• 16 August 2018

News Analysis

Assange to appear before Senate? Elections

Assange to appear before Senate?

Australian computer programmer and founder of WikiLeaks is pondering the possibility of appearing before a US Senate Committee. Julian Assange is an Australian computer programmer and founder of WikiLeaks who was thrust into international attention in 2010 when he leaked documents related to US’s war-time operations ...

Iraq election recounts results in Elections

Iraq election recounts results in

Al-Sadr remains the most powerful candidate on the ballot, may be instrumental in forming the government. The Islamic Republic of Iraq is a country situated in West Asia, bordering Iran to the East, Saudi Arabia to the South, Jordan and Syria to the West and Turkey to the North. It has a population of thirty-seven million, with..

Koreas gear up for summit World

Koreas gear up for summit

North and South Korea plan to hold high-level talks on Monday to prepare for a third summit between the leaders. Meanwhile, North Korea called on the US to reciprocate their good will measures by easing sanctions and stopping demands that the North denuclearize first. Since January 2018, Pyongyang appeared to have..

Taliban strike Ghazni World

Taliban strike Ghazni

Taliban fighters have attacked Ghazni, a strategic province in east Afghanistan, leaving 39 fighters and 14 soldiers killed in the clashes. The Taliban are a militant group who have resiliently held on to rural terrain and managed to conduct repeated high-profile attacks in Kabul and other cities. Its leaders have created an organizational structure..

RBI appoints new directors Indian Economics

RBI appoints new directors

The Indian government has appointed Swaminathan Gurumurthy and Satish Kashinath Marathe as part-time non-official directors on the Reserve Bank of India board. Analysts fear that the appointment could erode the independence of the central bank. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is India's central banking institution, which..

China constructs new base in Argentina Geopolitics

China constructs new base in Argentina

Argentina’s Patagonia region is home to China’s new satellite monitoring station and robust Chinese influence. China is a single-party socialist republic in Asia, with over 1.4 billion people and the world’s second largest economy terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)..

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