• 21 May 2019

News Analysis

Anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka General Interest

Anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has seen a surge in anti-Muslim violence following the Easter Sunday bombings. The government has introduced curfews and bans on social media to control the unrest. Are these measures enough to maintain order in Sri Lanka, given its history of communal violence? On Easter Sunday 2019, three churches across Sri Lanka were....

Taiwan to counter Chinese infiltration Geopolitics

Taiwan to counter Chinese infiltration

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing Wen convened national security agencies to counter China’s infiltration. Will Taiwan, a US ally succeed? Taiwan is a self-ruling state which China claims as a part of its territory under ‘One China’ policy. The China – Taiwan relationship is complex....

Facebook ready for a break-up? Technology

Facebook ready for a break-up?

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has called for the break-up of the social networking giant. Caught under several data breach controversies and a federal investigation, can Facebook’s social networking empire stand the test of endurance? Facebook – the leading social media service was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and fellow...

Beginning of ‘Psychological warfare’? Geopolitics

Beginning of ‘Psychological warfare’?

Citing ‘credible Iranian threats’, US has deployed aircraft carriers and bombers to Middle East. Will this add to the Middle East volatility? President Donald Trump’s administration has been intensifying a pressure campaign against Iran since 2018. The United States unilaterally withdrew from ....

Diplomacy and North Korea's nuclear program Geopolitics

Diplomacy and North Korea's nuclear program

North Korea has launched two short-range missiles while the US Presidents top envoy, Stephen Biegun was in Seoul to discuss jump-starting of talks after the two countries failed to reach an accord at the summit in Vietnam. The US has seized Wise Honest, a North Korean vessel, transporting coal, a vital...

Iran delivers an ultimatum Geopolitics

Iran delivers an ultimatum

Tensions between Iran and the US are mounting. The US has steadily enforced more sanctions, while Iran recently announced that it was suspending compliance with two commitments under the JCPOA. Iran says it will restart uranium enrichment if sanction relief is not provided in 60 days. How would this affect the Joint..

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